Black Underrated Musicians

Music is a universal thing that brings people together. There are genres with millions of songs for every occasion. But this makes it difficult and overwhelming to find songs outside of the concentrated mainstream. Though services such as Spotify come in handy as they simplify the task with artist recommendations based on your favorites. As such, I have come across various musicians from different genres whose star power and talent are unbelievably underrated and deserve more recognition.


Jawan x Tiffany

Jawan Harris and Tiffany Evans are a real couple who formed an R&B duo in 2020. Their music details the love and conflict within their relationship, the chemistry palpable as they harmonize. One of my favorite songs of theirs is “Issues,” a recent 2023 release where Harris and Evans discuss their grievances with each other though their love outweighs them.



Fatimah Warner, otherwise known by her alias Noname, is a musician, poet, and activist who raps about the struggles of everyday life whether that be the reality of what it’s like to grow up in Chicago, the struggles that befall the Black community, or various other issues that make people uncomfortable to address. Her 2023 release “beauty supply” deserves a listen. It discusses how we as Black women place so much emphasis on having expensive, inorganic hairstyles that not only is our confidence affected without it, but we grow a sort of dependence on it.


Bree Runway

Bree Runway (Brenda Mensah) is a singer, songwriter, and rapper who makes an unapologetic approach to music. She started music at the age of 14 and received encouragement from Michelle Obama after Runway performed for her. Her catalog consists of a variety of styles including rap and alternative with a pop core. “Pressure” (2022) depicts this versatility well, a message of self-confidence wrapped in the bow of a catchy beat.


Talia Goddess

Talia Goddess (Tayahna Walcott) is a queer multi-hyphenate who isn’t shy about stepping outside of the norm. In fact, she strives to be independent of expectations and create music that is notable and inclusive for other Black LGBT members. Her 2021 song “Poster Girl” is a great example of what she is capable of. A song of longing for someone, it has a unique instrumental and diverse vocal performance. It is worth listening to along with the rest of her catalog that brings different vibes the deeper you go.


Rissi Palmer

Rissi Palmer is a singer who specializes in R&B and Country music, a combination she coins “Southern Soul.” Though like the musicians from before, her talent transcends traditional labels and refuses to be held in boxes. Her uplifting and catchy 2023 single “Still Here” with Miko Marks combines different genres into one. Palmer tells listeners her story of resilience and leaves them with a feeling of optimism and an urge to dance. I would definitely recommend a listen. I play it on repeat even as an avid pop listener.


Music is as diverse as people and artists don’t necessarily fit in neat categories. Every song is worth listening to even if it is not in your usual genre. So, the next time you’re on a streaming platform, don’t hesitate to click on a profile or ten underneath your favorite artist’s page. Your next favorite might be only a tap away.

Written By

Makaya Davis

Makaya is currently a senior studying English at Jackson State University. She aspires to become an author and editor upon graduating.