Black Wellness on YouTube

Being a Black woman in America is not the easiest thing in the world. From systematic oppression to internal struggles, it is a full-time job to be secure within one’s blackness. But others recognize the need for uplifting Black women and have made a name for themselves on YouTube providing vital guides on navigating the black experience. They range from improvements to self-esteem to the physical body. Here are some of these channels:

The Feminine Universe

“When you sit around not doing anything with your life, you don’t get to prove to yourself that you can, in fact, do things—that you are, in fact, capable. So how can you ever develop assurance in your abilities or your qualities?”

The Feminine Universe is a great resource for any inquiry a woman may have including, but not limited to, improving self-esteem, finances, appearance, and relationships. Some of her most popular videos are about increasing one’s attractiveness and improving hygiene to feel and look better.

In the video Be More Confident Today, T.F.U. emphasizes that the self comes first. Being more confident should not be because of someone else or what people might think. It should be because women want to feel more comfortable in their skin and become healthier all around.


“In totality, it’s a karmic cycle. It’s this karmic cycle that is sending you through loops and cycles and cycles—you keep meeting this friend and this guy…and this person who keeps reaffirming this belief…that this is your story…the Black Sheep.”

Allison focuses more specifically on women healing from trauma and other internal struggles. She recently started her channel in 2023, so there are only a handful of videos to watch. But their quality makes them worth watching for women who desire work on their inner selves.

In Make peace with not being “picked,” Allison tells her experience with being the “black sheep” of her community and how accepting that title altered her childhood and early adulthood for the worst. She makes it clear that having a victim mentality will not only dampen Black women’s self esteem, but it will also attract people who are essentially mirrors of this toxic mindset. Black women have to break the cycle of victim hood and be secure within themselves to attract the same type of people.


“I don’t know this is like a black girl thing, like I don’t know if other cultures go through this, but I feel like as Black women, we grow up thinking that we’re in competition with everyone around us.”

Trinity focuses on the mentality, lifestyle, and beauty aspects of Blackness. She emphasizes the message that it is important for Black women to better themselves first—complete their goals, boost their confidence, and take care of their bodies—before trying to make others happy such as in friendships and relationships.

In her video How to: Build Confidence & Self Esteem, she reminds Black women that life is not a competition. We have to replace the negative thoughts our brain often leans into with those that will benefit us in the long run. We must not rely on the opinions of others because we are alone with ourselves more often than not. Others are not living our lives, we are.


These are only a handful of the hundreds of channels that center around Black wellness. Finding the resources we need is easier than ever thanks to the internet. Let this be a gateway to starting your journey to self improvement. 

Written By

Makaya Davis

Makaya is currently a senior studying English at Jackson State University. She aspires to become an author and editor upon graduating.