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Please introduce yourself and your business to our community.

My name is Martina Lindo, Martina Kristian to my internet friends and I am a Brand & Web Designer and I founded The Bloomprint Creative Agency. where I specialize in helping new and aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as creatives, transform their ideas and passion into brands and businesses. Whether through coaching, branding, or web design, my focus is to help you through the process of self-discovery, tell your story so it resonates with your people! Wherever they are, whoever they are, my goal is to connect you to your tribe. Finding your Bloomprint lies the power of owning your voice and sharing your truth. So no matter the kind of business, whether a brand, a product, or service, you have to first be empowered to believe that you can achieve.

Storytelling has allowed me to help countless businesses and individuals connect to their greater because they were able to find the intersection between purpose, passion, and profit; their Bloomprint.

At what point in your life did you realize your passion?

Growing up, I loved telling stories. I know I shouldn’t admit this, but I told so many lies as a kid to people I didn’t know to make my life more interesting than they were. I know, totally wrong. But I think it was really how I learned to use my imagination. It was how I grew to love the craft. As I got older, I decided to put my knack for storytelling to better use. I started writing short stories, plays, and eventually, I discovered my love for screenwriting.

Once it was time to go to college, I knew I wanted to do something creative, but my parents wanted me to become a lawyer. So here came one of the many uphill battles that would try to delay my pursuit of passion. I decided to become an English major. That way, I could learn how the research and writing skills needed for law school while taking some fun creative writing classes along the way. Well, fast-forward four years later, a degree in hand, partial scholarship to law school and I felt stuck. I wasn’t excited about becoming a lawyer. I just wanted to tell stories. Well, my then-boyfriend, now-husband, confronted me with one of the most difficult realities I’ve had to face; choosing your own path. I had to make a decision for myself and that’s exactly what I did.

Long story short, that’s when I realized, or became evident storytelling was passion. It’s what I was meant to do.  I’m definitely still on the path to becoming a full-time writer and storyteller but along the way, I discovered there are other ways to tell stories. And that’s precisely how my business, the Bloomprint Creative Agency was created. I realized that I could help others tell their personal story through a business, service, or community using branding, marketing, and the power of storytelling to achieve their personal and financial goals. 

I’ve been able to leverage my skills as a graphic designer, web designer, and strategist to help countless businesses and individuals develop and craft brands that connect them to purpose and profit. It hasn’t been easy. I’ve had to learn to balance the responsibilities of motherhood, marriage, working a 9-5, and my pursuit of passions – my writing, podcast, and multiple businesses. There have been so many challenges and so many lessons learned, but through it all, I’m so grateful.

What did you learn about yourself in 2020?

That I can do it all. Literally. I am resilient. 2020 was a year like we’ve never seen, but I know for myself and others they were inspired to dream bigger and push for greater. I CAN have it all because I will work for it. I was presented with so many setbacks and deterrents, but I refused to back down. So all in all, I learned if you are willing to put in the time, make the sacrifices, you can have it all. Maybe not all at the same time though lol. 

What do you attribute to your success in life and business?

My work ethic and positively resourceful attitude. I really am the kind of person that spends zero time dwelling on problems..  I am solution oriented and that has pushed me ahead, because I choose to focus on the positive and I work hard.

It is important for us to nurture a community of black women that share, learn, and thrive together. Please share a story of failure that taught you a valuable lesson.

So it’s interesting because I feel like I can answer both these questions with the same story. Last year, I was fired by a client. They asked for a full refund. At first, I was defensive. But after I humbled myself, I realized the lesson life was trying to teach. My son was just a little over a year old and I was really struggling to balance my responsibilities. I signed this client fully intent on doing all the work we discussed. But it was slow going. They asked me very early on, “Can you handle this.” They expressed that they were intent on building and nurturing our relationship (community) because she recognized that I had a lot of potential. Well, we got to work and I had a few missteps along the way. But there came one that I just couldn’t recover from. I created a graphic with incorrect information and it went out to her whole audience. She had people calling her asking about the error. We both reviewed the flyer and didn’t see the mistake, but ultimately it was my responsibility. 

I was disappointed because I was really excited about the project and the work we were doing, but I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t have a system set up within my business that I needed to manage the workload. I just wasn’t prepared. So looking back now, I wish I was brave enough to have asked her for help. She kept asking me if it was too much and I kept saying no, I can manage. And honestly, that could have been my saving grace. But I was too embarrassed to admit I needed help. So I dug myself deeper and into a place where I couldn’t deliver. 

It’s so important for black women to nurture one another, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. Because honestly, although there are many programs and opportunities popping up, no one is going to take care of us the way we can take care of each other. The landscape has changed, but the world has a long way to go. So if we aren’t intentional about fostering and nurturing relationships within our community we won’t reach our greater potential. We have to focus on collaboration and not competition. There is enough room for all of us to sit and eat. If we start looking at sharing, learning, and thriving as a communal experience and not an individual one, as a community, we can achieve so much greater.

Please let us know the woman you were 5 years ago and who you’re becoming?

Jesus. She was not cute ok! She was insecure, a little self-righteous, and she was really good at pretending. I went back and looked at some pictures to really reflect on this because I had really mastered the art of looking like I had it all together. But inside I was in pieces. Unclear about the person I wanted to be and caught up with every opinion by my own. 

But I’m so proud of the journey, so proud of the process of becoming. Who I am today on the inside is real, honest, and authentic. I lived so long pretending and the person I am becoming is passionate on purpose. She uses her voice boldly and always says what she means. She advocates for her needs and she is still learning to set boundaries. I am far from completing but truly, I love who I’m becoming.

What women in your life have been a source of inspiration?

Honestly, my mother. I say that because it wasn’t until becoming a mother did I truly appreciate her for the woman she’s always been to me. She is the definition of beauty and grace but she is flawed and acknowledges it. Her honesty about the mistakes she’s made, even about being my mother, has inspired me everyday to walk and live in my truth. She’s a woman firm and steadfast in her faith and she taught me to pray. She taught me the power of prayer. I’m so grateful for her and can’t wait to be brave enough to one day share her story.

Celebrate your wins! Brag, sis. What are you most proud of?

Giving birth. To both my human baby and the labor of love that is my business. They both have shaped my identity in ways I NEVER would have imagined. Nation, my son, forces me to reach for more and be better. His birth planted the seed that bloomed my own awakening. He’s really to thank for success and new ventures over the last three years. And my business has forced me to reimagine what I consider a fulfilled life. I’ve seen a glimpse of my future and it’s so bright. So I am grateful. Neither of these births happened the way I pictured or planned. I had an unexpected C-section with Nation and for months I felt like a failure because I didn’t give birth “normal” but I was quickly reminded that the gift of motherhood comes in so many shapes and sizes. And I birthed, being forced into submission because I got tired of hearing “why don’t you charge people for this?” But I am so grateful, because I’m so proud of both my children.

Quoting Audre Lorde, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” Please share your self-care routine.

The honest answer, I don’t have one. I know. It’s unacceptable and something I am actively working to change. It’s never been a priority because I spent most of my life prioritizing the needs of others, one of the toxic behaviors I’ve unlearned. But now, I really have to decide what self-care looks like for me. So please, I am open to suggestions.

You are part of our melanin muse tribe. How can we help you on your journey?

Connect me to women who you think need help finding their voice and recognizing the value of their story. Those are my people and I want to help as many of them as I can.

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